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Teachers in the district of Gondia district have angered teachers by keeping the district department disturbed by Maoists.

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Teachers from Gondia district deprived of Naxalism

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Gondia: The state government has declared the entire Gondiya District as Naxal-affected. According to the government’s decision in 2002, Naxalbaha has been implemented to the employees of the district. But there is anger among teachers in district administration due to deprivation of teachers from the district level.

The state government has been declared as Gondia District Naxalite. On 6th August 2002, the Government has ordered a hike in the allowance fee of Rs 460 to 1500 rupees for employees of Naxal-affected districts. However, Gondia ZP has discovered its new fund by levering its decision on the government decision. As a result teachers are deprived of getting the Maoists. Teachers of Tiroda and Salekasa talukas decided to give allowance to the teachers in the taluka of the taluka by Rs 1500. Accordingly, payment of outstanding amount of Rs. 7 crores has also been approved. However, teachers of six tehsil of Deori, Amgaon, Salekasa, Sadak Arjuni, Arjuni Morgaon, Deori and Gondia are still deprived of this Naxalite donation. That is why the demand for teachers for the last 13 years has been started by the District Education Department. The teachers are in the rush due to the policy of implementation of the Six Talukas of the education department. Specifically, in the name of the removal of naxalism, there is talk of granting a grant from teachers. The Maharashtra State Primary Teachers Committee also made this issue many times. Also, teachers of six taluka have demanded enactment of Maoist fund from 2006. But no further step was taken by the Education Department. Therefore, teachers have accused the ZP Department of contempt. The Chief Executive Officer, M. Raja Dayanidhi, has taken the matter to the notice and asked the teachers to give naxalism. Otherwise, he has warned against spreading a fierce movement.

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