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sowing crisis on farmers in district

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The weather is a picture in the district that the predicted rain forecast is completely false. There is no satisfactory rainfall in the district while half of July is over. As a result, the sowing of 19 thousand hectares is likely to be wasted and the farmers have been suffering from the sowing crisis.

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Gondiya: A picture in the district is that the weather forecast is completely false. There is no satisfactory rainfall in the district while half of July is over. As a result, the sowing of 19 thousand hectares is likely to be wasted and the farmers have been facing the problem of sowing for double sowing. Some farmers had planted irrigation material available to them. They are still dry due to lack of rain. The resulting picture is on the way to dry sowing while sowing is done in the district.

There is an area of ​​rice cultivation in Gondia district. The district has an average 1150 mm water. The same amount of rain is considered suitable for cultivation of rice. Due to this, the Agriculture Department has organized the planning of paddy cultivation at 1, 9, 6, 832 hectares in the district.

The farmers of the district have so far given their Dhana leaves on 14,853 hectares. It has been done in 1200 hectares and in 3,399 hectares the farmers have come under the hood. In the beginning of July, due to proper rainfall in the fields of sown, the farmers started planting sowing fast. So the farmers who have irrigation facility started work. However, due to the disappearance of the rain and rise in temperature due to the last 10-12 days sowing and roping operations have been completely jam. The sown seeds are dried instead of spraying due to hot humidity. Therefore, if there is no heavy rainfall in the next two days, farmers will have to face the crisis of sowing. Earlier, by raising the lending and by taking money from the lenders at half past and the other farmers, the other farmers prepared for the kharif season. Planted blood and sown it with high expectations.

If the rain falls again in the rain, the victims are worried. If there is no rain in two days, then there is a serious question that once again, the time to sow the farmer is standing in the door, the farmers are persecuted. Therefore, farmers are keeping their eyes on the sky in rains.

Waiting for rain for the dams

This year, the month of June was completely dry, and in the beginning of July, the rain had a strong presence. That is why the farmers had started work on sowing. However, after that there is a picture of river, drains and irrigation projects also dry due to the missing rain again. Small, large and medium projects in the district have only 15 to 18 percent water stock. So, if there is a delay, then there is a possibility of water shortage problem.

Increase in water scarcity problem

The ground water level depends on the number of irrigated water reservoirs. However, due to the lack of rain deficit, irrigation projects also have a small amount of water stock. There is a possibility of an increase in water scarcity problem. Gondia, Tiroda, Goregaon, Aamgaon, Arjuni Morgaon and five talukas are likely to suffer the worst of water scarcity.

Expected to fall 448 mm water

The rice plantation is done in large numbers in the district. Therefore, it was expected to be at least 448 mm water till 15 July. But compared to that, only 236 mm of water has been recorded till now. 197 mm water is decreased. In Gondia taluka, 265 mm, Goregaon 236 mm, Tiroda 315 mm, Arjuni Morgaon 256 mm, Devi 136 mm, Amavna 292 mm, Salakesa 196 mm, road arjuni 1 9 2 mm rainfall register Has been done.

Waste the cost of planting

Due to the absence of rain, drying of rice is not possible due to lack of rainfall in the next two to three days, it is unlikely that farmers will have time to sow. The farmers are worried about the possibility of waste of fertilizers, seeds and farming.

Sowing which has not caused rains is in trouble. Weather forecast is expected to rain in the coming weeks. If the rain does not occur, then the measures will be planned for them.
– Nand Kishore Nayanwad, District Superintendent Agriculture Officer Gondia

Since last 10-12 days the rain has turned its backs and the district has created a situation like drought. There is a worrisome concern among farmers. Therefore, the government needs to review the situation of the crops in the district and immediately implement a remedy plan.
– Gangadhar Parashuramkar, ZP Member.

Due to the absence of the rain, the farmers have to suffer the sowing of double sowing. The farmers have already taken loans and prepared for the Kharif season. The only rain fall has brought them time to face drought. Therefore, the government needs to effectively implement measures.
– Teens Taron, ZP Members.

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