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33 percent farmers get the benefit of farmers honor

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The benefit of the farmers’ honor scheme, launched by the central government in February, has been in the district till now

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Salexa: Only 8 percent of the farmers in the taluka have been informed so far that the Central Government launched the Farmer’s Honor Scheme in February. There is a picture that the farmers who have not yet received the scheme are still tearing up the tahsil office.

Central government announces farmers’ honor scheme in budget Under this scheme, it was announced that every farmer would get Rs. The first installment of two thousand rupees was said to be deposited in the farmers’ bank account in March or April. The first installment was also added to some farmers’ bank accounts. The Department of Revenue and Agriculture was employed at the war level to deposit this amount as soon as possible on the bank account of the eligible beneficiary farmers.

Despite this, only 1 percent of the farmers have so far deposited the first installment on the account of the farmers. The total number of farmers in the taluka is around 3 thousand, out of which, the first installment has been deposited on the account of 5 thousand 3 farmers. It took about six months for the farmers honor scheme to be launched. Therefore, the amount of the second installment was also expected to be credited to the farmers ‘bank account. Only 5% of it was received by the farmers. Out of a total of 5,000 farmers, only 2 thousand 3 farmers’ accounts were deposited in the second installment.

Four thousand farmers ineligible?

Out of the total 8,000 farmers in the taluka, some accountants are not eligible, but some permanent residents, government employees, pensioners and office bearers are disqualified.

Impact of timely policy

There is a picture that the list does not reach the central government in time due to the time-consuming policy of the system which will prepare the list of eligible farmers who benefit from the farmers honor scheme. Due to the delay in depositing the scheme money on the account of the farmers, the responsibility of preparing the list of the farmers with the required information and giving it to the concerned department of revenue department was handed over to the Talathi office, Gram Panchayat and Agriculture department. But this department is ignoring it as it has other functions.

All eligible farmers’ lists have been prepared and sent. Every eligible beneficiary will get the benefit of the scheme. For farmers whose accounts received the first phase two thousand, the period of the second and third phase will be added to their account.
– CGPittulwar, Tehsildar, Salekasa.

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