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Cameras started but the generator was off

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CCTV cameras were installed in rural hospitals here but the generator at RU hospital has been closed for the last six years. On Wednesday, women who were pregnant with no electricity appeared to want their chicks in the air.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: CCTV cameras were installed in a rural hospital here but the generator at RU hospital has been closed for the last six years. On Wednesday, women who were pregnant with no electricity appeared to want their chicks in the air. It made me realize how conscious the health administration is about Rs.
The Rural Ruins here are always in the discussion for various reasons. The generator of the hospital has become a decoration device. There are two generators, one is in the surgery room and the other outside. However, it has been shocking that both these generators have been shut down for the past six years. For the past six years, none of the medical superintendents are surprised to find that the generator does not have the same shape. It is a puzzle to see how maintenance and repair grants are made to provide this service to the clients. This Rs ganala has a solar power set but is also a waste. Amongst them, the view of women was interesting when they wanted to give their newborn babies while the electricity was disconnected on Wednesday.

The CCTV cameras have been installed at a cost of Rs. However, it is very unfortunate that the medical superintendent should not get the attention of a very serious generator. The availability of a generator is considered an emergency arrangement. Surgery such as family planning, obstetrics, hernia, is done at the hospital. In the event of a breakdown of the power supply, a generator is placed in the surgical room as an alternative arrangement. But that’s Naduru. In this way, patients suffer pain if the power supply breaks during surgery. Here’s been solar power for a few years. But the monkeys broke the solar power channel, and it has failed. Solar Power Supply Company has the responsibility of maintaining maintenance. However, the company has not yet filed a complaint. Due to the fact that there is solar power in the hospital, it is felt that the hospital administration has ignored the alternative generator system. What is unfortunate that this system does not have to be taken seriously?

Provide sub-district hospital status

Arjuni-Morgaon is 3 km from the district headquarters. Distance is at the far end of the district. There are six primary health centers and two rural Rs. If there is a serious disease, one has to move to Gondia. Former Gondiya Zilla Parishad chairman Umakant Dhange had raised the issue at that time. But then there was a leading government in the state. Now there is a coalition government in the state and Dhange is the BJP’s taluka president. Moreover, he is extremely close to former Minister Rajkumar Badole. When the coalition came to power in the state, they almost forgot about it and they were only busy going around with the former ministers. The new Guardian Minister. Pranay Fuke is expecting the construction of a sub-district Rs.

Fix generator speed soon

There is no need for a generator as there is a solar power set in the rural Ru. But the monkeys broke it and started having difficulty. It is true that the generator has been in Naduru for the last six years. Soon he will be corrected. Correspondence with the company is underway regarding the breakdown of the solar power plant. The employee is being honorably operated under the National Health Mission Scheme. Medical Superintendent Dr. Siddharth said that it was not a rural Rs. Akinwar spoke to Lokmat.

For the name of the Rural Welfare Committee

An important link between the Rs. For this, a committee is appointed by the Government. There is a committee in this Rs. It is not known that the committee has the welfare of Rs. These committees are usually run by a doctor. Members’ signatures are taken as a formality. Why didn’t the committee noticed that the generator was off or the doctor ever put this serious issue before the committee? This is the real question.

The building is inadequate

The building of the Rural Rural Hospital is of 1959. The construction has been completed for almost 3 years. It was built according to the circumstances. But now the number of rupees is increasing day by day. Sometimes there is no place to stay. In addition, the Rural Hospital Administration has installed steel chairs for sitting rooms and visitors in front of each room. This makes it difficult to move from one cell to another. In addition, the rooms also fall short. The medical superintendent has arranged for them in a small room as there is not enough room to sit. The administrative office of the Ru Hospital is in an insufficient space. Considering all the constraints, the construction of a new building of Rs.

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