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National Bank lags behind in crop loan allocation

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Although the Kharif season is half-finished, the nationalized banks have not yet been able to fulfill the goals of the government’s crop loan allocation.

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Gondia: Even though the Kharif season is over half, the national debt to the nationalized banks has not been able to fulfill the objective of the allocation of crop loans. General Chat Chat Lounge

Farmers are reluctant to go to these banks as the process of collecting crop loans from nationalized banks is more complicated than district banks. Waitegun crop loan During the peak season, farmers need money for fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and agricultural farming activities.

This year, the government has allocated a crop loan of Rs 1 crore to nationalized, district and rural banks for the Kharif season. However, nationalized banks have failed to reach their stated goals.

Nationalized banks have so far distributed crop loan of Rs. Grameen banks allotted Rs 5 crore 3 lakh to 4 farmers. Gondia District Central Co-operative Bank has achieved a 100 percent objective of distributing crop loan of Rs.

Possibility of goal reduction by NABARD

Last year, the nationalized and rural banks failed to reach the goals of crop loan allocation given by the government to the national, rural and district banks. Therefore, NABARD reduced the district’s crop loan allocation target by Rs 5 crore this year. Therefore, this time again the two banks are in the same position as NABARD.

Will the bank take action?

The government had said that criminal proceedings would be initiated against the banks, which have refused to provide crop loans to the farmers. Is getting attention.

The fault of the wrong banks over the farmers

Nationalized, rural banks are consistently failing to achieve their goal of crop loan disbursement. This is affecting the given purpose. That is why NABARD reduced the crop loan objective. Then it is the same situation later this year.

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