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10 Thousand fine on ‘Drunk and drive’

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Now, the state-run Motor Vehicles Bill, which provides for compensation of up to ten times more fines and compensation for accident victims, was approved in the Rajya Sabha. The bill will be implemented soon in the state.

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Gondia: The now-famous Motor Vehicles Bill, which has the provision of compensation for accident victims, was approved in Rajya Sabha if the rules of transportation were broken. The bill will be implemented soon in the state. Under the new bill, a fine of Rs 5,000 will be imposed on drunk driving, Rs 5,000 fine on a mobile phone while driving, five thousand fine on driving a dangerous vehicle and Rs 5,000 fine on driving without a license. This is likely to reduce traffic accidents by obeying traffic rules.

About 80 percent of accidents in the country are caused by human error. A number of amendments have been made to the Motor Vehicles Bill to prevent this and keep an eye out for accustomed drivers. Union Minister of Earth Transport Nitin Gadkari had consistently made efforts for this amended motor vehicle bill. The bill was finally approved in Parliament on Wednesday. It is anticipating a radical change in road safety. Along with this, important tasks like removing the license of vehicles, extending their deadlines, registration of vehicles will be done online.

Prison custody for minor child accident

There is currently a penalty of only Rs 5 if the minors are found to be driving. But the new bill will result in the cancellation of direct vehicle registration if minors are found to be driving. Apart from this, the parents are given a jail term of up to three years and a fine of Rs. Under current law, this was not a provision.

Cancellation of education condition for license

Previously, it was mandatory to pass the eighth grade in order to obtain a license. However, this condition has been removed in the new bill. This will allow you to get a driving license based on the certification you received from a driving school. In addition, there is now a one-year extension to renew the license.

Readers will read on ‘Drunk and Drive’

Road accidents increase when driving with alcohol. Drunk and drive action is taken to prevent this. A case was registered against the convicted driver at the police station and the case is registered in court. Even though a fine of Rs 3,000 is imposed, this does not appear to be the case. About 3,000 such cases come out every year. But the new law will impose a fine of Rs.

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