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Deleting encroachments threatens employees in Gondia

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The shopkeepers stormed the Tehsil office along with the employees of the Tehsil office in Jayashtha Chowk of Shahhar, after removing the encroachment from the administrative building. The incident took place at Jaithambh Chowk in the afternoon on Wednesday (3rd).

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Gondia: Shopkeepers shocked the Tehsil office employees after deleting encroachment on the administrative building constructed at Tehsil office in Jayasthambhau Chowk of Shahhar. The incident took place at Jaithambh Chowk in the afternoon on Wednesday (3rd).

Meanwhile, due to this type of situation, there was some time of tension in this area. An administrative building was constructed on the site of the Tehsil office of the city. In front of this Bhavan, some shopkeepers encroached. The shopkeepers shocked the workers who had gone to remove the encroachment.
Gondia city police has registered a case under sections 353, 186, 34 of the Indian Penal Code against Satyasheela Mohabbate and Mannu Rathod. Some have encroached on top of the administrative building and around the neighborhood.

In particular, in the evening, there is so much rush with these encroachment holders. Therefore, the passengers from this area have to suffer. Tea, eggs, fruit sale were being done at this place. In the evening, some people were drinking and drinking alcohol. At that place, there was a lot of cheer during breakfast.

To remove this encroachment, Additional Tehsildar K.D. A team led by Meshram went to the afternoon to clear the encroachment on Wednesday. Meanwhile, while taking action to remove encroachment, Satyasheela Mohabba and Chhaya Jagane opposed the action. A man named Manu Thakur helped him. If the officers were to show their courage, the encroachment was opposed. Meanwhile, there was a shock. In this regard, Board Officer Bhandarkar complained to Gondia city police in this case.

During this action, Thaneer Manohar Dabhade himself was present. The revenue department issued a notice to these encroachers. Some people have encroached themselves, said Upper Tehsildar Meshram. There is anger in shopkeepers because of the encroachment campaign.

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