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Demolition movement in front of Tahsil office of NCP

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In front of Tehsil office of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in protest against the hike in prices of petrol, diesel, gas and essential commodities. This time, various demands were given to Tehsildar Dhananjay Deshmukh.

Arjuni Morgaon: NCP workers protest against the price hike of petrol, diesel, gas and essential commodities on Wednesday (3rd day) in front of the Tehsil office. This time, various demands were given to Tehsildar Dhananjay Deshmukh.

Zilla Parishad’s group leader Gangadhar Parashuramkar, NCP’s state executive member Manohar Chandricapure, Talukas President Lokpal Gahane, former president Narayan Bhandarkar, Namdeo Dongarwari, ZP members Kishor Tarote, Rakesh Lange, Chitralekha Mishra, Sushila Halamare, Govardhan Taram, Sonadas Ganavir, Yashwant Ganavir, RKJanbhulkar, Bhojram Rahale, Manohar Shahare, Deepak Raheel, Ajay Poo War, BhauRao simply and workers were present.

To reduce the daily wages of diesel, petrol, diesel, to pay the farmers the most, the scholarships should be given promptly, the deposits should be deposited in the accounts of farmers affected due to pesticides, Jasheenagar Laxa Irrigation Scheme should be started immediately, the vacant posts of ZP teachers, funds for the efficient work of ROHYO Excite me, the farmer’s irrigation electric bill, absolutely forgiving, new amount Card should include leased to quickly Forest and door and shall be provided gesadharakanna kerosene or demands.

The state government on the Center is anti-farmer. Government gave loans to farmers but still no money was deposited in many bank accounts of many farmers. The eyes of the farmers are tears. Tears have been used on farmers’ front during the birth anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Mahatma Gandhi who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan-Jai Kisan”. This is due to the government’s compassion for farmers.
The release of the Jasinagar Laxa Irrigation Scheme, which is a boon for farmers, can not be completed yet. Manohar Chandrakapure expressed his desire to organize a Sangharsh Yatra from Jhansinagar soon. ZP group leader Gangadhar Parashuramkar said that BJP government is anti-farmer and said, “Now what kind of crop is to be taken from farmers in the fields, the excavation of the wells is needed to get permission from the authorities.” It has to pay 5 percent tax. Ground Water Act will come for the farmers for a long time. There are vacancies for 55 medical officers in Gondia district, while scrub typhus and pandemic have been vacant. Hupkin is a vaccine manufacturer. The government has given the contract to supply this medicine to the company. However, the company did not supply the drug in two years.

Finally, the government has given its authority to purchase medicines as per the government’s rate agreement. This is a very sad matter. The farmers have become convincing due to all the wrong policies of the whole government. Preliminary Talukas of the Dharan Movement were organized by Lokpal Gahane, Operations Govardhan Taram. Yogesh Nakade thanked the participants.

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