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Asha Sevika, group promoters march to ZP

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Asha Sevika and group promoters have been working on honorarium in the health department for the past several years. Scoundrel

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Gondia: Asha Sevika and group promoters have been working on honorarium in the health department for the past several years. Many works are being carried out on them by the honorable men. The government promised to increase their honor. But it has not yet been implemented. Therefore, there is a rage among Asha servants and group promoters. Against the same, Asha Sevak took the lead on the Zilla Parishad under the leadership of the Communist Party of India.

The march started at 6 pm from the local Pal Chowk. The march then hit the Zilla Parishad office directly from the main road in the city. Asha Sevakya and group promoters from across the district participated in the march in large numbers. GP On reaching the front, the protesters made a loud announcement to draw the government’s attention to their demands. Also, the various demands were given to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer Raja Dayanidhi under the leadership of the delegation. Asha Sevika and group promoters have a vital role in delivering health services to the citizens of rural areas through the statement. The honor paid to them is much less than the work they are given. Asha Sevika, group proponent had submitted a statement to the health ministers seeking the attention of the government. Health ministers had promised to increase the honorarium of hope and group promoters three times. But it has not been settled yet. Therefore, there is dissatisfaction with Asha Sevika and group promoters. Asha and group promoters should be given Rs. 3,000 honorarium, Rs. 3,000 pension after retirement, separate room and attendance book in sub-center, the National Health Mission should be implemented permanently, cancel the condition of the poverty line for benefit of Janani Suraksha Yojana, according to GR of Central Government on October 5. Officers and employees received a 3 percent honorarium and a 3 percent honorarium The decision is made to a vein. It was demanded that the decision be applied to the group promoters. The delegation comprises Union Secretary Charan Das Bhave, Vice President Karuna Ganvir, Vice President Kalpana Dongre, Chairman Book Release, Geeta Uke, Rekha Harinkehde, Renuka Raut, Jayashree Torekar, Sankshya Sakhare, Savita Meshram, Durga Dhande, Anita Ambule, Munshila Bishe, Munshila Bisse, Munshwar Bilse. , Pushpa Behekar, Rina Brahmankar, Gayatri Rahangadale, Bharti Kalbande, Maya Kore, Savita Mankar, Muneshwari Kawale, Kissimon Nagpur, Shila Tembhare, Archana Vasnik, Surekha Pardhi, Meenakshi Patil, Varsha Panchabhai, Geeta Bhandarkar, Nirvata Panchabhai, Meena Meshram, Manda Shivankar, Varsha Vanjari, Vanita Kumbhare, Pramila Kanekar, Seema Meshram, Sanghmitra Vaghera, Shobhitra Magehra, Shobha Geeta Ambedare, Chitra Kore, Purnima Bansode, Poonam Patale, Rekha Gajbhiye, Satyabhama duoday, Dipti Brahmankar, Seema Choure, Madhuri Akre, Usha Lanjewar, Unavanta katare, including point Shende, Human Jaya, Shobha Raut, Anita Bisen, Sumitra Das, Chandni Meshram.

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