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Insecticide on paddy crop at 10 village in Gondia District

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This year, the rain has brought good co-ordination with the Insecticide. This is likely to damage crops. So there is a worrisome concern among farmers.

Gondia: This year, the rains have given better coagulation and the crops have been attacked by crops. This is likely to damage crops. So there is a worrisome concern among farmers.

Reported to the agriculture department that 10 crops in the district have the highest incidence of paddy crop. Farmers of the district are being stricken with Asmani and Sultani crisis. Last year the rain did not cooperate. If rain is accompanied by this year, the Insecticide have raised headaches. The resulting farmers have to face various disasters. This year, food processing is affected by the effect of the crop and the report has been prepared by the Agriculture Department.

These include villages of Ragegaon, Shivani, Umari, Raksh-Arjuni talukas of talukas, Gategaon, Khodhivani, Heti (Girola), Purakabodi, Isapur in Arjuni-Morgaon taluk, Pratapgad and Pindekepar of Deori taluka. District Superintendent Agriculture Officer and Taluka Agricultural Officer’s office conducted a survey in the period from September 17 to 23. According to the report, the report shows the impact of Khodakida at 0.67 percent in Rajegaon, 0.80 percent in Shivani and 3.07 percent in Umari. On Dhaygaon, there was a sharp impact on the crop of 2.20% on the date of 17th day. Heti (Girola) 1.3 percent, Ghategaon 1.15 percent, Purbakody 1.05 percent, Isapur at 1.65 percent, Pratapgad 1.48 percent pick-cut effect. In Khategaon 1.55%, Khodaishivani at 1.02%, Hetti 1%, Isapur at 1.3% and Pindekar had 1.33% pests. The chances of the increase in Tudutuda are likely to increase. The Agriculture Department has expressed the possibility that the impact of chilling on paddy crop in such environment. The Agricultural Department conducted the Tudutuda Control Campaign in August and September. As a result, the effect of this reduction is due to the reduction in loss in the district.

There is no likelihood of impact of crude-edible rice crops, nowadays. The time for their fury has gone away. But seeing the atmosphere we can see the effect of the troll. This has prompted officers and employees to remain vigilant.
In-charge assistant, District Collector Agriculture Officer Gondia

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