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non-subsidized teachers Begging Movement to protest

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Gondia: Non-subsidized, unauthorized primary and higher secondary school teachers in Maharashtra state.

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Gondia: Teachers from uneducated, undeclared primary and upper secondary schools are working unemployed in the state of Maharashtra. The Gondia District Branch, a non-subsidized Higher Secondary Action Committee, on Friday demanded payment of salaries to them.

Former education minister Vinod Tawde has accused the teachers of false promises and false information and misinformation for the past five years. For this purpose, six agitations were conducted at the state level without any grant from Maharashtra State. Now, the agitation to hold the last 8th unpaid school closure is underway across the state.

The government announced for the granting of 4 upper secondary schools at a convention in Mumbai on March 7. All this was done in the last session of March 19, by announcing 4 high schools and financing the grant of 1 + 2 schools. The Chief Minister took note of the teachers’ feelings without delay Declare the decision to be made. Demand for salary by depositing salary immediately on the teachers’ account. Otherwise, in the coming days, teachers will be warned throughout Maharashtra to remain without suicide. Also, the Government of Maharashtra will be fully responsible for this. On the demand of the proclamation of the declared higher secondary schools and declared a grant, Prof. GKBorkar, Prof. P.P Maher, VR Pogale, JBPatale, A.N., R. S. To live, s.d. Yale, M.T. Choure, MA OK, MLPatale and Pratik Mende staged a begging agitation in the Phulchur area on Friday.

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