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400 kg plastic bags seized in Gondia District

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Stopping the campaign against plastic bombing, Nagar Parishad raided a factory in the city and recovered 400 kg of plastic bags. Due to the second time this action was taken on the respective businessman, he was fined 10 thousand rupees.

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Gondia: By staging a campaign against plastic bombing, the municipal council seized 400 kg of plastic bags from a factory in the city. Due to the second time this action was taken on the respective businessman, he was fined 10 thousand rupees. In particular, the officials of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board were also in the process of action taken on Thursday (4th) at 2 pm.

The use of plastic bags in the city has increased in the city since the last few days the closure of the plastic ban was stopped. In view of this, the Municipal Council launched the anti-plastic ban campaign from Monday (Day 2). Under this, the team had imposed a fine of Rs 30,000 on taking action against six businessmen in the city. Also, plastic bags and thermocol materials were seized from them.

On Wednesday, the team had taken action. At noon, the squad was attacked by the team on Thursday (4th) at 2 pm at Prakash Provijans factory near village Karanja.
The squad seized 400 kg of plastic bags in the factory. This is the second time the dealer has been fined, the squad sentenced him to 10 thousand rupees.
Maharashtra Pollution Control Board official Mahesh Bhivapurkar and Arjun Rathore also participated in the action taken by the Municipal Council on Thursday.

Municipal Council Executive Engineers Umesh Shende, Sumedh Khaparde, Health Inspector Mukesh Shenendra, Manish Barisal, Devendra Waghai, Sumit Shendre, LPK Praveen Gadhe, Shiv Hukre, Rohidas Bhavgade were in the team. The City Council’s action has caused a stir in the city.

50 kg plastic seized on Wednesday

The city council team had taken action in the city on Wednesday (3rd day) and gave four gangs to the police. The squad had taken action against Manish Traders in front of Jain Kumbh Bhavan in the city, Shriram Kirana Stores near Bapuji School, Sindhu Colony Shankar Chowk, Gurukrupa Nauvalti and Chandni Chowk at Don Dhiraj Plastic. The team has imposed a total fine of Rs. 20,000 each for five thousand rupees. Also, 50 kg of disposable glasses, thermocol plates, water powder and plastic bags were seized from them.

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