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Living in Government Colonies

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The government colonies here are completely encroached upon by irrigation and police department personnel. These colonies are extremely dangerous to live in and need to be revived.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: The governmental settlements inhabited by irrigation and police departments are completely collapsed. These colonies are extremely dangerous to live in and need to be revived. The Etiadoh dam was constructed in the village Gothangaon in the year 1959. At that time a subdivision office was created and colonies were created to accommodate employees. These colonies have been broken. Seeing the distress, some employees left the colony and moved elsewhere. Outside, renters live in a building, but there are still some employees living in the same colony. These buildings are temporarily tainted and maintained. However, they appear to be inaccessible.

Police personnel settles on the Sakoli route. This colony has been completely demolished. No one lives here today. The only building left here. The doors and windows of the building are missing. The windows are smashed and it is likely that they were lumped in, taking advantage of the fact that no one is living. There are many police personnel working here today. But they also have to stay somewhere for rent. There is a need to urgently complete this building.

At the time of the formation of the Panchayat Samiti office, a staff settlement was created here. This building has been completed for about 3 years. This building has been demolished. The staff here is not ready to stay but lives elsewhere. Only a quarter of the staff lives here. It is unfortunate that only one bungalow has been built for the Group Development Officers, but the other colonies are not simply tainted.
There is a similar situation with government offices.

The offices of the Panchayat Samiti, Irrigation Department, Zilla Parishad High School, and Forest Department are located on the taluka site. Every year, it is difficult to clean and decorate buildings. Apart from this, cementation has been completely closed due to cementation everywhere. This is the business that has been hampered. Since the market is not available, it raises the question of where to bring the old government buildings to replace them. The question as to why the government is looking back to renovate the colonial and government offices of government employees is under consideration.

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