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Medical burns in Sakhritola

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The incident happened around midnight on Wednesday (Day3) on the entire fire that broke out in a medical store here. It is estimated that a large number of losses have occurred.

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Sakhritola: The incident took place on Wednesday (Day 3) midnight on Saturday. It is estimated that a large number of losses have occurred. According to the information received, there are Vijaya Medical Stores owned by Rohini Akash alias Bameswar Bahnankar, in front of a police post on the Amgaon-Devi Main road.

Akash Bawankar had closed the shop at 8.30 pm on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the sound of a blast occurred in midnight on Wednesday morning. Ankit Asatati living in the same area came to mind. They immediately informed the villagers about the fire after the radoors. Citizens of the area rushed to the medical center and tried to extinguish the fire. By then, the whole medical condition of the medical staff was destroyed.

25,000 burns of freeze, laptop, computer, scanner, furniture as well as a variety of medicines and cash were burnt to the hospital. It is estimated that a total loss of 9 lakh and 59 thousand rupees is being reported. Meanwhile, medicines are being predicted to have a fire due to short circuits. Akash Bavanar, lodged in the Salekasa police station, was arrested in this case. The police is investigating further.

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