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Roping due to the absence of rain could cause drought in Gondia District

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Due to the absence of rain for the last fifteen days, the rannery farming has broken. If there is no rain, it is on the path of drought. Farmers’ hopes were upheld by August 14 rainy season.

Sadak Arjuni: Farmers who have been studying due to rain missing since the last fifteen days have broken down. If there is no rain, it is on the path of drought. Farmers’ hopes were upheld by August 14 rainy season. But now when farmers are in trouble due to rain, they are in a state of distress.

Most of the district is dependent on nature. Farmers from Kosamondi, Dhanori, Behilotla, Thadesari, Bolunda, Murpar, Landejari, Chichto, Mundipar, in Arjuni taluk, are waiting for the rain for the last fifteen days. Kosamondi, Dhanori, Bolunda, Thadesari, Behilotla also had drought conditions in the last year too. The farmers of this village did not have 80% sanitation. However, the government did not pay any compensation to these farmers.

This year, the farmers of this village will hopefully donate their prayers. However, due to the rains again, the farmers are not worried about the drought situation in the same year last year. The dry-less farmers with irrigated farmers have done their work in a hurry.

Farmers were dried due to the continuous rain in the beginning. The farmers also provided the chemical fertilizers for the fast growing crop. But due to the continuous increase in temperature from the last fortnight, there has been an increase in the incidence of kidney on the rice husk.
Due to the rising temperature, the grains are dry and the grains are dry. The ropes in the field are beginning to crack. So, if there is no rain in eight to ten days, there is a possibility of a situation like drought.

Regarding irrigation projects

Presently there is a way to take light paddy, whereas the heavy grain needs a water. The farmers who have irrigation facility. The farmer is giving water to the godown. The water from the Irrigation Project is being released as the rice fields are in trouble. However, the farmers of the last quarter have the voice of not getting water. It is a picture of some farmers who are completely dependent on these irrigation projects.

Misleading farmers

Last year, 80% of the rivers in Kosamondi, Dhanori, Bolunda, Thadatheeri, Behilo and Rohtola had failed due to lack of rain. The farmers of this village often gave a representation to the Tehsildar, Collector. After this, the survey was done to Talathi, Gramsevak, Agriculture Assistant, to conduct survey in five villages. However, Talathi, Gramsevak, Agriculture Assistant, went to Panchchanams farming and sat on the table and sent the survey to the government. In this, the farmers were deprived of financial help from the government.

Demand for the operation of the employees

Due to erroneous reports of revenue and agriculture department, many farmers of road to Arjuni taluka have to be deprived of getting compensation. So farmers have demanded to take care of these employees.

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