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Water Plant Scheme Plan

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The meeting of Talukasarwari Shibir Shiksha Samiti was held recently in Panchayat Samiti Bachao Bhavan regarding the planning of water conservation works to be done in villages selected for Jalate Shivar Scheme 2018-19.

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Bondgaonvi: A meeting of Talukasarwari Shibir Shiksha Samiti was held recently in Panchayat Samiti Bhiwas Bhavan regarding planning of water conservation work to be done in the village of Taluka Taluka of Jalakit Shivar Scheme 2018-19. The President presided over was Arvind Shivvankar. Deputy Chief Guest Karuna Nandgao, Panchayat Samiti member Ramlal Mungankar, Taluka Irrigation Shivar Committee secretary and taluka agriculture officer Dhanraj Tadam, Assistant Block Development Officer Mayur Andelwad, Lepajip Sub-Divisional Water Conservation Officer Subhash Gharatkar and Forest Officer Chagan Rahangdale were present on the occasion.

In Jalakit Shivar scheme this year, 16 villages of Arthanthadi, Injori, Nilj, Dhabetekadi (Adarsh), Chapati, Tidka (Karad), Deelgaon (Bodra), Pahalvarwani (Raiyit), Sirewaban Bandh, Bhurcittola, Sanjanagar, Sukali, Somalpur, Channa, Chutia, Kohlgaon Has been included.
In Sadar village, efforts will be made to increase the irrigation works by various government machinery and increase the irrigation capacity of pond, bodha, and dam in the village. The Sarpanch and the office-bearers of the local village were specially invited to this meeting to work out the proposed works by doing works in the selected villages. Similarly, Gramsevak, various government machinery officers, employees, Magarhriho Panchayet Assistant Program Officer, Arjuni-Morgaon, Navegaonband, Gothangaon Forest Officer, Lapajip Branch and Junior Engineer, Board of Taluka Agriculture Officer’s Office, Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Supervisor, Agriculture Assistant, Water Conservation Department Deori’s junior engineer cough and office bearers were present in the meeting. The office bearers of the village selected in the meeting suggested different works. Work schedule was prepared in accordance with the coordination of the village in the meeting. 277 works were proposed for 16 villages. On this occasion, Shivankar, the Jalakit Shivar Yojana is a boon for the farmers of the village.

Due to the lasciviousness of nature, there has to be deprived of rice crop production. Due to the water conservation works of Jalakav Shivarwa, the increase in irrigation reservoirs increases the water saved. As the water level increases, the problem of drinking water for the animals is resolved with the production of crops.

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