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Devendra Fadanvis taken oath as CM and Ajit Pawar as Deputy CM

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BJP played mastercard on collaboration with NCP and formed stable govt. In Maharashtra to overcome mesmerizing political situation in Maharashtra. Devendra Fadanvis as CM as well as Ajit Pawar as Deputy CM of Maharashtra.

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Mumbai: In Maharashtra from last month there was a mesmerizing political situation formed for the post of CM. Shiv Sena even declined alliance with bjp for the stubbornness for the post of CM. Even shiv sena don’t even bother to form an alliance with Congress and NCP who’s having completely different points of view in terms of the political saga.

Meanwhile, BJP played a MasterCard card overnight to overcome the mesmerizing political situation in Maharashtra to form a stable government. As per one statement that was given by Sharad Pawar a month ago, they will support BJP to form a government from outside. In respect to the mandate given by people of Maharashtra NCP supported BJP form stable government in Maharashtra. On sat. 23 Nov 2019 Devendra Fadanvis took oath as CM and Ajit Pawar as Deputy CM of Maharashtra. Another political news related to Devendra Fadanvis.

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