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Encroachment on forest land

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The road is located on the 400 meter mark on the north side of Maliphonga, Dhanori Bit No. 2 in Siteparola, Shikaritola, Kosamondi area in the Pandhari area of ​​Arjuni taluka.

Pandhari : Road is located on 400 meters from the road towards North direction of Maliphonga, Dhanori Bit No. 2 in Saptpar, Shikaritola, Kosamondi area in the pandhari area of ​​Arjuni taluka. From the reserved forest, the JCP has been torn down and encroached on a large tree since last two to three months. However, the concerned department was ignored.

The government is promoting the tree under 13 crore tree plantation scheme. On the other hand, due to the neglected policies of forest department officials, precious forests are being destroyed. Torture is done by encroachment in protected forests and forested forests. This type of area has been in the past few days in the Pandhari area, Shikaritola, and Kosamondi area. Forest department officers are writing that the encroachment holders will not encroach on 100 rupees stamp paper again. However, avoiding caring on them.

Therefore, the courage of encroachment is increasing. So wildlife lovers are demanding to conduct all these inquiries.

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