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Shortage in medicine at primary health center

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Ravnavadi: The patients who have been suffering from drug shortage have been forced to buy drugs from outside for the past two-three months at Primary Health Center here. It is a financial disaster for the poor. However, the problem of patients is still there because the Health Department has not yet supplied the drug.

The government has started a primary health center to provide better health facilities to the rural people. However, due to the neglected policies of the District Health Department, patients are deprived of health care. The Ravanwadi Primary Health Center has not been a permanent medical officer since last year. So in-charge of the medical officer in charge is working on the job. Two to three hundred patients are examined every day in the outpatient care department of this Primary Health Center. But compared to that, there is a lack of facilities in the health center.
There is a lack of hygiene in the health center, and it injures one patient for surgery. The patients who are admitted to the Health Center ask doctors to buy medicine outside. The reason for this is that patients are told that they do not have medicines available at the health center.

Since the medical officers and post of doctors are vacant, patients are deprived of timely treatment. As a result, these patients have to go to a private hospital and they have to undergo financial burden. The public authorities and citizens demanded to fill vacancies of medical officers and employees often. Regular drugs should also be provided in the health center as well. He gave a statement to the District Health Officer for this. But this has not been paid attention. Due to lack of medicines and timely treatment at primary health center, the pains of the patients have increased.

Meanwhile, the primary health center staff contacted this and said that there has been no regular supply of medicines for the past few days.

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