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5 Decors that will Fill your house with positive vibes with Positive Vibes

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Everyone in this world wants a happy and perfect life for them, for which they starts with positive vibes around them. So for a great start of your happy life, here are some home decors that may fill your life with extra positive and happy vibes around you.

1. Herbs and plants

Everyone knows that plants are good for environment but they will also serve another purpose of filling your house with positive vibes and protecting you from bad luck. Some specific plants are considered more lucky than others like devil’s ivy also known as money plant, aloe vera or four leaf clover. These plants will also bring a lot of colors in your home. You may also like https://www.gondiatoday.in/gondia/1784/

2. Elephants
It is believed in vastu shastra that elephant brings good luck. You could keep a metallic statue of elephant or the wooden carved statue of elephant. Even the elephant painting would do the trick of bringing luck to your home or office. Elephants have always been considered a symbol of wealth so it will give Royal look to your home.

3. Lamps or chandelier
Sunlight brings good vibes with vitamin D. So. Open your windows so that fresh air can pass along with sunlight. If it’s not possible for sunlight to filter through home then add different lights like lamp or chandelier to the room as a dark room will definitely attract negative energy.

4. Dream catcher
It is believed that dream catcher protects you in your most vulnerable time that is when you’re sleeping. It catches your bad dream while you’re sleeping and passes the positive dreams only. It will look beautiful in your home too so it’s a win win situation for you.

5. Budhha
It is said that keeping the meditating picture of Buddha brings peace and harmony and keeping laughing Buddha attracts health a d wealth. If you rub the belly of laughing Buddha it bring health and rubbing the sack of his attracts wealth. Budhha figurines are available in thousands of designs in any market so you can be choosy while bringing luck.

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