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Helmets forced for 2 Two Wheeler Drivers in Gondia

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About 150 people die in road accidents every year in the district. Out of these, 100 people are motorbike drivers. The head injury in the road accident was serious injuries. Wounded persons die in the near future.

Gondia: In the district, 150 people die in road accidents every year. Of them, 100 people are motorbike drivers. The head injury in the road accident was serious injuries. The motorcycle drivers will be forced to use helmets to be compulsory on October 15, due to non-combatants.

In case of an accident, there is financial, physical and mental disadvantages of his family, wife, children, father and mother. Every year a road accident causes the police personnel of the district to die along with the general public. Most of the people who died in the crash were two-wheeler drivers. Therefore, the family of police personnel is in crisis.

Considering this fact, it has been decided that all the police personnel in the district have been using helmets for one month. Due to this, police of Gondia district police did not use helmets, 9 policemen were fined. Police personnel who have not used helmets for driving, have been booked under the Motor Vehicles Act. A special campaign was organized on September 13 regarding the use of helmets for police personnel in Gondia district. In the campaign implemented in Gondia city, helmets were not used for driving 9 police personnel. Accordingly, under Motor Vehicle, each person was charged Rs.

Now, if the general drivers and people sitting behind those vehicles do not use helmets, they will also be taken under the Motor Vehicle Act. 500 rupees as fine. The drivers have to use helmets from a safety perspective. But most of the drivers do not use Helmets to understand helpless handles. They will now have to pay a penalty under Motor Vehicles Act.

The motorcycle drivers and those sitting behind the helmets should use the safety perspective. Action will be taken in accordance with Motor Vehicle Act on not using helmets.
– Sanjay Singh,
Assistant Police Inspector Transport Branch Gondia

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