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MBA after Engineering.

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Engineering after MBA has immerse scope due to increasing competition.

Majority of students who score well in 10th grade choose science as their field and mainly due to peer pressure from parents and according to stats of India majority students who choose science as their field opts Engineering.

This has become a process. But after opting for Engineering in one or two years students are clear regarding their linking towards this field or not and no one will deny that big portions of stand-up comedians, actors, pilots are drop out engineers.
Every year a surplus of engineers are graduated than available jobs and that what creates unemployment and the thing is students understand this after opting for Engineering and ends up dropping the decision or choose any other field which is in demand.
Nowadays doing MBA after Engineering is becoming a hot trend among youngsters due to its great perks and packages. Also, many colleges are providing together with a course of Engineering-MBA.
To be an MBA first of all one needs to crack CAT which includes logical reasoning and aptitude test which any science student can easily crack it by some normal classing.

An MBA also many fields are there like HR, finance, management, economics is very vast according to the liking. But MBA in finance is the new trending as perks are really high if one gets to a big company.

Though practical knowledge is high in engineering what they really lack is the soft skills and basic knowledge of handling the funds and this what creates the difference.

Big players recruit these engineers and due to more supply than demand wage paid is also very less as they are ready to work in whatsoever wages.
Major reasons for choosing an MBA

1) High packages by companies
2) Higher opportunities
3) Jobs availability
4) Great chances of promotion or topmost post
5) Great combination required by every company
6) Self-employment opportunities increases
7) Students who want to move abroad.

After doing b.tech they have either two options- To go for m.tech or to go for an MBA. But if we compare both MBA has more advantages than m.tech. the main point which differentiates MBA students from others is their personality skills which they acquire during their curriculum.

There is no use of knowledge if we didn’t show or able to show during the interview. To showcase ourselves is what really needed in the corporate world.

There are many great persons who are engineers but the current profession is not at all connected with this field like Chetan Bhagat, Sushant Singh, Gaurav Taneja, and many more.companies are always looking for an MBAs from science background due to their great knowledge and logical skills which only MBA can lack.
Hence doing engineering is great but with an MBA is like a topping to the cake.

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