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Study abroad: Australia an best option?

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Australia is always known for its immerse student opportunities.

Studying abroad is always a trend among the young students due to the perks one gets which they might not receive in their national country. in 2019 the ratio of students migrating abroad for study purposes has increased a lot. The main reason for any students to migrate is future prospects and to get settle and have a good and healthy life. Among abroad countries, Australia has always been a hot country due to its amazing opportunities and a great standard of living.

Structure of Australian education

The education system of Australia is divided into 10 levels. the higher studies here are comprised of 7 levels i.e. from 3 to 10 and among this postgraduate degree comprise 9th and 10th.

Requirements for the student to apply in universities

Different universities have different requirements and therefore for the complete list of documents, one needs to look for the university’s mandatory documents. The following are the general requirements that are required by almost all the universities.

  • Bachelor degree from the recognized university
  • Proficiency in English
  • A good GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL score
  • Work experience (if available)

benefits of studying in Australian universities

  • Students get in-depth exposure to their respective fields
  • Job opportunities after graduating are just immense
  • Students get to work with multi-national companies in a different work environment
  • Students get local internships which help them to know how things work actually in the corporate world.
  • They get a chance to work in heterogeneous cultures.

Types of postgraduation in Australia

Given below are all the post-graduation courses available by universities of Australia.

Postgraduate qualification by coursework

  • graduate certificate
  • graduate diploma
  • doctorate
  • master degree(coursework)
  • master degree(extended)

Post-graduation qualification by research:-

  • research doctorate(Ph.D.)
  • master degree(by research)

Postgraduate fees in Australia

Tuition fees generally depend on the universities and changes according to it.

On average, annual tuition fees for postgraduate courses range from A$20,000 to $40,000 for master’s degrees and from A$15,000 to A$40,000 for doctoral degrees.

Different postgraduates degrees in Australia

Universities here provides a large variety of courses and it’s for sure that one will definitely suit you

Followings are the varieties of courses offered here:-

  • business
  • management
  • accounting
  • law
  • architecture
  • fine arts
  • social science
  • environmental science
  • medicine
  • engineering

After graduation opportunities

According to the data available, around 86.9% of students ts full-time employment after clearing graduation in their respective fields. Employability rate was around 93.5% which is higher than the previous years.

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