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Guidance for teachers at the Education Council

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Innovative Center under Sailaksa Panchayat Samiti, the third center of Sonpuri was held at the Zilla Parishad Hindi Senior Primary School, Navegaon Education Council. The Education Council was started from Garba dance.

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Sonpuri: Abhinavendra Kendra under Sailakasa Panchayat Sammelan was held at the Senior Secondary School, Zilla Parishad, Nivedi, the third center of Sonpuri.
The Education Council was started from Garba dance. All the teachers participated in the Garba dance competition. After that two separate education councils were held.

Innovative Epicenter Center H.P. Under the guidance of Patle, group 1 to 5 and class 6 to 8 were grouped. In both the groups, guidance on mathematics (Hindi, English) technology etc. was discussed.

MM in the first group Rajgire, Vaibhav Pittwalwar, K.D. Navagode, Suresh Chavan, Ratnashil Gajbhiye gave guidance.

In the second group, Kabir Mahule, Rajesh Vetti, P.G. Sonwane, VS Mankar, S.P. Satwarar guided.

At this time, Central Head Patley guided the study level, NAC examination, disaster prevention management, painting and essay competition.

Senior Education Extension Officer M.L. Meshram, N.P. Chikhaldhe gave guidance and gave guidance. He guided the topic on how to raise quality standards.
Headmaster R.S. Sonwane, SM Dasariya, K.D. Navagode, R.S. Wankhede, R.G. Taekam, R.S. Bayono, p.m. Dhekvar, VS Yatsun etc. were assisted.

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