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Ignored unemployed and peasant problems of Farmer

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In the last elections, we were assured that we would undertake lift irrigation for irrigation in the area of ​​Palandur (Fazil), a large industry in MIDC, when we came to power. But no one assurances were made during this four-year tenure.

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Deori: In the last elections, we were assured that people will be given lift irrigation for irrigation in Palandur area. But no one assurances were made during this four-year tenure. Maharashtra Pradesh Congress representative Sahashram Korote said that the unemployed and unemployed people of the state are neglected by the problems of farmers.

He was speaking from the chairmanship of the Congress party’s Booth workers in the Palandur (Jhmichi) Panchayat Samiti area organized in the presence of the temple in Village Gararatola in Taluka on Thursday (Dec. 11). The inaugural session was inaugurated by former Speaker Vasant Puram. On this occasion, Sarpanch Chandrakala Kavale, Sub-Panchchal Nurchand Naik, former Pt. Member Sonu Netam, Congress district representative Baliram Kotwar, activist Naman Gupta, Tarakeshwar Hardule, Pyarelal Ujavas, Chunnilal Bhogare, former sarpanch Vachhala Cove, Suraj Miri, Nakul Sonwane, Women’s Dhuvagond, Pushpa Oti of society, Dhurasing Madavi, journalist Shravan Kavado, Dhamaji Jengthe , Ramdas Thatmurre, Shamlal Madavi, President Hansraj Thakre, Baburao Madavi, Maharaj Jagan Mohourley, Vasudev Raising, Tarach The canapa, enjoy Madavi, kirtan convention, Babulal touring, former panchayat Member Raghunath Kolhe, G.P. Members Bisen Haradule, Dhanukala Puram, Gautam Miri were present mainly.

Speaking further, Corote did not have any industry in MIDC. So many unemployed people in this area are running in search of jobs. Lift irrigation has not started in this area. Therefore, irrigation questions of farmers of this area have not been resolved. If an agricultural training was started in this taluka, then this place would have trained about different crop production. Therefore, the farmers of this area said that they would have become a businessman and they had increased their productivity and productivity. At this time, 100 Booth workers were allocated to the hands of the Booth Introduction worker card, Corote. Introductory commentary committee chairman Bhaskar Nikode proposed. Operations by Kisan Chaudhary. Gratitude Vasudeva increased his gratitude.

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