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Rishi Kapoor hospitalized again!!

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Actor Rishi Kapoor fells sick again in Delhi and this time it’s Delhi Pollution. 

While Rishi Kapoor keeps on denying a his sickness on twitter and even to media people, sources near the family affirm that the feared sickness for which he was treated in New York a year ago, has without a doubt returned.

Rishi abruptly was sick in Delhi a week ago. He was released not so long ago and he gave insubordinate press explanations expressing it was only a contamination brought about by Delhi’s scandalous pollution. Be that as it may, presently, he’s back in medical clinic, this time in Mumbai. Sources near the Kapoor family state Rishi is trying to claim ignorance which is getting in the way of his treatment . “He’s simply being difficult. This is adding to the family’s developing anxiety. Before a treatment procedural is chosen, he should acknowledge that he’s unwell. Shockingly, similar to the first run through when the illness struck, he isn’t happy to acknowledge reality.” This abrupt terrible turn of conditions has put a question mark on Rishi’s child Ranbir’s wedding plans with Alia Bhatt which was supposed to take place on December. The family was preparing for the wedding this year. Be that as it may, presently with this unexpected misfortune, the whole family’s focus will be on Rishi Kapoor’s wellbeing. We wish him a total recovery.

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