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Gondia : The doctor who claimed to be dead child eventually got an offense

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The crime branch registered a case against the doctor and his colleague, who claims to have died in an eight-year-old girl on Sunday

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Gondia: A doctor at Sevadham, Madhya Pradesh, claimed to have died in an eight-year-old child died on Sunday (December 14th) by the serpent. Death can not be resurrected, it is all about superstition. So the police filed a complaint with the doctor and his colleague who claimed to be alive in the 24 hours. The accusation that the doctor was arrested by the police and should be released immediately. On the demand of this demand, residents of Ghoti started a protest at Goregaon police station on Tuesday (16th). On agitation of Goregaon-Kohamara, the protesters stopped the four-hour road blockade. Due to this the traffic on this route was completely blocked due to the rows of vehicles. There was a tense atmosphere in Goregaon.

This was the case

Aditya Gautam, a resident of Ghoti, got an eight-year-old snakebite on Sunday (December 14). He was then admitted to the Ganga Bai Women Hospital in Gondia. He was declared dead by a doctor here. Meanwhile, a person from Ghoti contacted Ayurvedic Dr. Naveen Lillhare of Sevdham in Madhya Pradesh. Lillay then assured Gautam family members to live in the twenty-four hours. Therefore, on Monday (15th) at night, Dr. New Lilhare and Gunesh Lailhare came to Goregaon with medicines. He also went to Goregaon police station to ask for the help of the police for the treatment. Police inspector Jitendra Borkar filed the crime against them and took them under arrest. So Lillah could not go to the dead body to get treatment. The villagers alleged that Lailhare was unable to get treatment due to the possession of the child. As a protest, the villagers raised a flyover movement from Tuesday morning (16am) till 1pm. During this agitation, angry protest against the police by burning a tire at the main bus station, tehsil office, Durga chowk, and hirapur road. The bus from the ST corporation went to Mahur. During this, the citizens were stoned by the police. So, the police lathicharged. So there was a tense situation in Goregaon.

The police asked for additional comm leaves

During this agitation, the nature of Goregaon camp was received. Additional Comma was requested from Dungipar, Deori, Rural Police Station Gondia Police Station. Additional District Superintendent of Police Sandeep Atole, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Rajeev Navale, and Ramesh Barakte were lodged in Goregaon.

Doctor’s turnaround

Dr. Naveen Lillhare, who guaranteed the dead to life, said that the situation was out of control and that the child could not live. The villagers were discussing different issues of the villagers. Especially, the idea of ​​having a swelling of the child and declaring him dead in the hospital is not known. After 24 hours of snake bite, you can give life to anyone by using medication.

The three accused filed

In this case, Goregaon Police will keep a new lenhar from Madhya Pradesh Katangi, Bhansh Lillhare Madhya Pradesh Katangi and Ikkumuar Baghelay. On October 16, at 12.30 pm on 16th October, Mhasgaon Goregaon filed a complaint under Section 3 (1), (2) (3) Maharashtra Sarbali, Unskilled Tradition and Non-Aging Black Magic Act 2012.

Leave the doctor at Sevdham, who came to help my son, let them stay in our hospital, if he cures, my son may live.
– Shila Gautam
(Mother of deceased child)

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