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272 accused in Aditya Gautam case

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Angry people attacked the Durga Chowk in Goregaon and threw stones at the police, as the Aditya Sumedh Gautam (8), who was killed by the snake bites of Goregaon taluka, does not allow the doctor to give life.

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Gondia: Angry people attacked the Durga Chowk in Goregaon and threw stones at the police, as the Aditya Sumedh Gautam (8), who died in Goregaon taluka’s Ghoti snake bite, did not allow the doctor to give life. Goregaon police has registered a case against 272 people who have been involved in this picketing. Aditya Sumedh Gautam (8), who was admitted to the Serpent rump, died on 14 October in Gondia’s Ganga Bai woman hospital. Dr. Naveen Lillhare of Katangidham, while giving him a funeral on October 15, told him to give time to get me started. Lillhar reached Aditya’s home on Monday night at 11 o’clock.

Police took him into custody because of cheating people using the miracle. But to prevent him from leaving the streets, citizens protested against the police, blocking the road and burning stones. Police administration Mudadabad also gave the announcement to the protesters. The mob tried to burn the bus number of CRH-40 AQ.6050.

Manoj Shamlal Bopke (30) resigned from the spot. Kalimati was injured. Section 307, 143, 147, 148, 149, 341, 353, 332, 427 of the Indian Penal Code, 7 Criminal Law Mandling Act, Sec. 3 Public Property Damage Act, Sec. 135, has been registered under the Motor Vehicles Act.

He filed a complaint against them

In this case, Saasram Ram, Ganesh Chavan, Rajkumar Shivcharan Navare, Sanjay Premlal Raut, Rajat Uttam Dongre, Shailesh Darvekar, Kisan Raut, Govind Rahangdale, Nanshwar Maske, Dilip Katlewal, Bablu Bisen, Boova Bhalave, owner of Mukti Photo Studios, Bhaiyalal Kurnjekar, Jitu Dongre, Ramesh Sarjare, Raju Meshram, Ramu Patle, Joshiram Rahanddale, Dev Chaudhary all over Ghoti, Doma Kanwar Ra. Goregaon, Ghanshyam Ramesh Mahroure Ra. Kamargaon, Dinesh Ramu Uike Ra. Mhasgaon and 250 others have been booked.

Three people arrested in the case

Dr. claiming to have killed Aditya Gautam, who was killed by snakebite. The navin Lillhar said that the body was not rigid, the body did not get yellowed, claiming to have blood, after cutting the arm, he claimed to be alive. So the accused Dr. Navin Lilhare, Bhanesh Lillhare both. Katangi and Dr. Baghele Residence Maharashtra has registered a case under section 3 (2) (2) (3) of the Act for the destruction of evil and inhuman evil and witchcraft against the three in mhasgaon.

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