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Yami open letter to fans after her act in Bala gets overlooked in Filmfare Awards

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Yami Gautam is one of the most capable actress in the Hindi Film Industry and she has earned the adoration and regard of her fans by giving great and reliable performance on the cinema.

As of late, when Yami Gautam was disregarded by the jury of Filmfare Awards, her fans indicated frustration via on social media and requested that her react to the ignored for her presentation in ‘Bala’. Yami Gautam took to Instagram to express her emotions after being neglected at the Filmfare Awards and shared a long, open message for her fans. Bala earned three nominations at the Filmfare grants — for actor Ayushmann Khurrana, for supporting entertainer Seema Pahwa, and for dialogue writer Niren Bhatt, however Yami Gautam was snubbed for her performance by the jury of Filmfare Awards.

I feel compelled to express my views, in response to the countless messages that I have been receiving, for getting ‘overlooked’ and not being nominated for my performance in Bala.

Honestly, winning an award does feel like a strong sense of achievement and confidence. But more than that, a nomination in itself, is a mark of acknowledgment, love and respect towards your hard work and talent. Having said that, the esteemed jury are some of the most noted and senior members of the fraternity who have made important contributions in cinema. Hence, I shall respectfully accept their perspectives.

In the end, I just want to say, these are just experiences which make you even more self assured and determined in life. It re-instates your faith, in the fact, that you don’t need to seek validation for your work or yourself from anyone. The kind of love that I have received this year, from the industry, critics, media, my talented fellow contemporaries and most importantly YOU – my audience, for always showing unconditional love – selfless support, means the world to me and is enough to boost me to keep working harder.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, just don’t ever give up and keep walking ahead. It’s a long journey and I am a hustler, for life. 🙂




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