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The production of rice will fall by 20 percent this year

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Due to the drought conditions during rainy season and the cloudy weather increased the incidence of adolescent incidence increased on a large scale. Consequently, the yield of hectare per hectare is likely to decrease.

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Gondia: Due to rainfall during the duration of the paddy rains and due to cloudy weather, the incidence of insect pests has increased greatly. Consequently, the yield of hectare per hectare is likely to decrease. According to the Agriculture Department estimates, the total production is likely to fall by 20% and the farmers will be affected due to this. Paddy production farmers in the district are facing drought conditions for the past two-three years. But this year, the weather department had predicted good rains from the beginning. That prediction was at some point in the beginning. The growth is also good due to the favorable environment for the crops.

However, Dhanpak is in trouble due to rains since last month when the situation is going on. The cloudy weather has resulted in large-scale cases of crop disease.
It is a picture of the farmers because of the spread of costly insecticides, even if the incidence of kidarrow is not reduced. This year, the production of rice was likely to increase. However, due to rainy weather, the farmers have been forced to lose their crops.
Paddy crops have been planted in this district at two lakh hectares this year. It has irrigation capacity of about 50 thousand hectares. Most of the farmers are trying to save crops with the help of irrigation projects. However, since some farmers do not have irrigation facilities, they have to rely on natural rainfall.

Due to rain during the duration of the paddy rationing, the paddy fills better and the product increases.
However, due to the duration of rainfall, there is a possibility of 20 per cent fall in the output due to which there is a possibility of farmers being affected.

Loads of Light Cut

Dhanpak has been in trouble since the rain has already stopped. Thus, with the help of motorpumps, dams, wells, ponds, irrigation was done. However, in the rural areas of the district, 8-10 hours of maintenance is being done for last eight days. This has created a major problem for farmers to give water to crops. Initially, there has been an increase in weightlifting when there is natural cure on farmers.

There is a possibility of reduction in the production of rice due to the rise in kerarog and rains. After the crop harvesting experiment, it can be determined exactly what percentage of the production will decrease.
– Bhausaheb B Hat, District Superintendent Agriculture Officer Gondia.

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