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Ayushmann Khurrana reacts on Trump’s tweet on his upcoming film “Shubh Mangal Zayda Saavdhaan”

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Ayushmann Khurrana and Jitnedra Kumar’s gay romantic comedy ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan’ appears to have gotten the eyes of US President Donald Trump, who tweeted “Great”, portraying the film.

A gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell had tweeted before applauding the film, which Trump retweeted. Tatchell had tweeted, “India: A new #Bollywood rom-com featuring a gay romance is hoping to win over older people, following the decriminalisation of homosexuality.” After Donald Trump’s tweet, a few Indians answered tagging Ayushmann in the remark string saying that he should be proud that the US President was underwriting his film. Besides, Trump supporters in America also seized the chance to consider him a “LGBTQ hero.”

The film’s lead actor character Ayushmann Khurrana is ecstatic and said that it was extraordinary to see a response from the US President. Ayushmann’s answer to Trump’s tweet was one loaded up with trust.

He said, “It was great to see a reaction from US President Donald Trump. I certainly hope and wish that this comment is President Trump’s gesture of outreach towards the LGBTQ community and that he will persistently and constantly work towards upholding LGBTQ rights in his country.”

But Trump’s record, undoubtedly, says something else. In August 2019, the Labor Department proposed to move back a request which had been passed by previous US President Barrack Obama in 2014, forbidding separation based on sexual orientation character among government contractual workers. This is exactly the same request that the Trump organization had guaranteed would stay immaculate in 2017.


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