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Anurag kills Prerna in “Kasauti Zindagi kay 2”

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KZK 2 is now going for a twisting twist in upcoming season where Anurag killd Prerna. 

Kasautii Zindagii Kay, which stars Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes, is adored by the crowd for the sizzling science among Prerna and Anurag and the fascinating storyline. In any case, for a long while now, KZK2’s stun esteem is expanding with each passing scene.

Prior, we have been perceiving how Komolika attempts all waies imaginable to move Prerna from her way by slaughtering her off. In any case, some way or another she generally figures out how to endure either. In any case, this time we will see Prerna’s affection Anurag killing her.

In the forthcoming scenes, Prerna will start giving birth and Anurag will take her to the clinic. At that point, in a sudden new development, he will kill her. As we as a whole know, Anurag has lost his memory and doesn’t recall that Prerna is pregnant with his child. This may be one reason.

Ekta Kapoor further gives her clarification on this twist and said, ‘Yes, this will happen.’ Pointing out that they want to dwell on the darker side of love, she adds, ‘Anurag and Prerna are among the most loved pairs from the small screen, but now viewers will see betrayal at its peak.’


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