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Get three days’ wage for the Strike Period

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Gondia: Three days of employees who participated in the strike called by the State Government Central Organization were cut by the Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Raja Dayanidhi. But about this, Tiroda belongs to the Gondiya assembly constituency. Vijay Rahangdale met Education Minister Vinod Tawde and discussed the matter. The Education Minister gave the order to Mukai Mukesh to be given the salary of three days of the expiry time.

The state-level talks were made for the pending demands of three-day full state employees from August 7, 2018 to 9, 2018. Due to the positive attitude of the government on the various demands of employees in this strike, the Zilla Parishad employee was abducted on 12th August at 12 noon and later joined the work place at 12.
It has been noticed from the General Administration Department of Maharashtra Government that on 6th August 2018, the circular issued by the Governing Circuit informed the participants of the collapse of the strike.

On the basis of the government circular, Chief Executive Officer, GP Gondia gave a letter to all the departments about deduction of salary for the employees who were involved in the period of three days. The order of the leave for the payment of salary for three days of the employees of the property should be canceled and the participants of the strike should be canceled. Maharashtra State Primary Teachers Association President Virenderkumar Katre, General Secretary Anirudh Meshram, Nutan Bangray, Umashankar Pardhi, Sudhir Bajpai, Kedar Gotfode, Hemant Patle, Nagesh Bhalerao, Yashodhara Sonawane and Y D. Patle, Moresh Badwik, Narendra Agashe, Sushil Rahangdale, Amol Khandayet, Vijay Doye, Dinesh Borkar, RS Sangramme, Durgprasad Kokode, Vinod Chaudhary, DB Lanjewar, Suresh Rahangdale, Mayur Rathore, GG Kharabe, Toshilal Lillhare, Shankar Nagpure, Yogeshwar Mungulmare, Shankar Chavan, Pawan Kohli, Shridhar Panchbhai, P.K. Patley, N.J. The dahake had always kept it.

Come on this demand. Vijay Rahangdale took the initiative and approved it. In this regard Mukta and Education Officer Ulhas Narad discussed with them.

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