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Of Name only the Talathi office in Rajoli

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On 1st November 2017, revenue department divided the talathi office by floating the new talathi office in Rajoli. The office was inaugurated by Tehsildar on December 15, 2017.

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Rajoli: Revenue Department has started the new Talathi office at Rajoli by dividing the talathi office of Bharoni in November 1, 2017. The office was inaugurated by Tehsildar on December 15, 2017. However, after a long tenure of ten months, Talathi was not appointed for the conspiracy of 34. Therefore, the Talathi office is only for nomination and citizens are requested to arrange quick recruitment here.

There are 7 revenue villages and 8 pades in Mauja Bharololi in the mountainous Naxal-starred, remote area, situated at the top end of the district, but there is only one talathi office. Villages of Tilthi Bhawanoli (Taka 25) were included in villages such as Tirikhuri, Bharololi, Rajoli, Khadki, Seigao, Kanhalgaon, Tukum, Kanhatoli etc. The Talathi office is 5 km away from Kanhalgaon, Saigaon is 4 km, Tukum 4 km, Nativeola is 3 km away. 7/12, citizens have to travel 4-5 km to make important changes like sample-8.
Keeping this in mind, an independent Talati office was established at Mauja Rajoli. However, an independent Talathi has not been appointed and the office has not been commissioned. So what did the Talathi office open for just? Such talk is painted by citizens. This work was done by revenue department only because of the public scope.

According to Govardhan Patil, Namdev Lanjewar, Lalaji Gaikwad, Dinesh Indurkar and others have been asked to appoint independent Talathi and start the office.

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