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Approval of 57 Paddy Purchasing Centers in the Gondia district

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Purchase of Regional Manager, Tribal Development Corporation, Regional Manager, Gondia and Tribal Area, District Marketing Officer, Non-tribal areas in the non-tribal areas, for the Kharif marketing campaign, in 2018-19, to provide basic support to the farmers under the Minimum Support Price Purchase Scheme and not to pay them at the lower rate. Paddy purchase center is started by the agent It is.

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Gondia: District Marketing Officer Gondia and Tribal Area Tribal Development Corporation, tribal development corporation in non-tribal areas in the district, for not implementing the basic price of farmers under the Minimum Support Price Purchase Scheme in Kharif marketing season 2018-19. The Purchase Center started by this purchase agent Is reduced.

As per the proposal of District Marketing Officer in the district, sanction of 57 paddy procurement centers has been provided to the farmers on their purchase of Paddy and Paddy procurement centers. 1750 for general purpose and 1770 quintals per quintal for non-standard grade. The Central Government has set the ratio of 17 percent humidity for the year 2018-19.

In Gondia taluka, Gondia, Temni, Girola, Katigikala, Ratanara, Dasgaon, Kati, Adasi, Kamatha, Navegaon Dhapade, Ravanwadi, Mazatpur, Kochevahi, Asoli, Goregaon, Goregaon taluka, Goregaon, Kalimati, Timzari, Ganakhaira, Kurhadi, Chopa, Tadha, Kavalawada, Mohaga Tilli In Tiroda, Panjra, Vadegaon, Navejari, Vihargaon, Bagoli, Bhivapur, Thandigaon, Tiroda, Mundikota, Chikhali, Ramba, Amagaon taluka in Aashagaan, Goretha, Kalimati, Satakesa talukas in Kotajhandora, Salekasa, in the Arjun taluka of Tiroda taluka, white, sandal, pepper, balmani , Heti, Dhanori, Arjuni, Morgaon taluka, Navegaonband, Mahagaon, Bondgaon Devi, Vadegaon Station, Bakti, Dhabetekadi, Bhivkhadi and Arjuni Morgaon-A The approval was given to purchase a total of 57 centers paddy.

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