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433 blood donation of police personnel in Gondia

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In the period between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018, the police officers and jawans who were martyred were paid homage at the Police Headquarters Gondia (Karanja) on October 21.

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Gondia: In the period between September 1, 2017 to 31st August 2018, the police officers and jawans who were martyred during the duties of tribute started on October 21 at Police Headquarters Gondia (Karanja).

433 people donated blood during the blood donation camp organized at this time. Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Raja Dayanidhi, presented a wreath to the Martyr’s commemoration of the police. Police Superintendent Harish Baijal, Additional Superintendent of Police Gondia (camp) Deori Sandeep Autole also gave a police cover to martyrs’ memorial. A total of 419 police officers and employees of the country were rescued by sub-divisional police officer Gondia Ramesh Barkate and deputy superintendent of police (Home) Sonali Kadam.

Reserve Police Inspector Kamlakar Ghotekar led the salutation of the Shahid Police Memorial Day. Three rounds of fire was fired in the air by police personnel in the air salute parade. Gondia District Police Department organized a Blood Donation Camp at Inspiration Hall, Police Headquarters, Gondia, to cooperate with people welfare activities for the commemoration of the Police.

In the blood donation, 433 people donated blood, including Superintendent of Police Harish Baijal, Additional Superintendent of Police Sandeep Autole, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ramesh Barkate, Amgaon Sub-Divisional Police Officer Rajeev Navale, Deewari Sub-Divisional Police Officer Prashant Dhole, police officers, youths, citizens and citizens.

While standing in a queue for providing blood donation, 70 to 75 police officers-employees, youths and well-wishers could not donate blood since the end of blood donation bags, farms and other equipment of Gondia.

The martyrs died in the encounter with the Naxalites in Gondia district, 15 police officers and employees of Bhandara-Gondia district police force, including three officers and 12 police personnel. Students expressed their views on this occasion.

At this time, the Superintendent of Police, Baijal, guided the team. Sub-Divisional Police Officer Mahipal Singh Chanda, Nitin Yadav, Prashant Dhole, Santosh Gedam, Kamlakar Ghotekar, Deepak Gedam were present in the program.

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