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The house fire due to the shot circuit

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Ramu Urkuda Maoue’s house in Pindekar, Talukas, caused a fire of Rs 50,000 due to short circuit fire, which took place on Monday (22) at noon.

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Goregaon: The incident happened on Monday (22nd) at around noon. The incident occurred due to a fire that caused the fire of a short circuit in Ramu Urkuda Maoue’s house in Pindekar taluk of Goregaon.
According to the information received, Ramu Mauje had gone to Sakoli on a few occasions, his family had gone to cut straw in the fields. In the meantime, the house was set on fire due to the shot circuit. Meanwhile, they shouted when neighbors saw the fire.

After that, the villagers tried to extinguish the fire. By then, indoors of clothes, fans, bicycles and other materials were burnt to ashes.

Information about the incident was given to Talathi Dahat. After getting the information, he submitted the report to the senior superintendents of the incident and the primary estimation of Ramu Mauje’s loss of around Rs 50,000 was made by the administration. When the villagers have demanded immediate financial help from the Mauja families.

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