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All the workers should work together

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It is the same party’s biggest strength to any party worker. Therefore, the activists of the various cell of NCP should come together to make the party’s goal policy to the masses.

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Gondia: Any party worker is the biggest strength of the same party. Therefore, the activists of the various cell of NCP should come together to make the party’s goal policy to the masses. Nationalist Congress Social Justice Department’s State President Jaydev Gaikwad has said that NCP will strengthen the strength of the party and this party will be the number one party.

Nationalist Congress Social Justice Department organized a functioning rally organized at Nationalist Bhavan in Railoli. This time he was speaking while guiding the party workers. At this time, as the chief guests, former A Rajendra Jain, Vijay Shivarnar, Pancham Bisen, Pandit Kamble, Vinod Harinkhede, Naresh Maheshwari, Rajlakshmi Takkar, Gangadhar Parashuramkar, Ashok Sahare, Manohar Chandrikapure, Ramesh Taram, Kishor Tarote, Manoj Dongre, Manohar Valde, Ketan Turkar, Prabhakar Sonode, Ganesh Barde, Balkrishna Patle, Lakshman Chandrakapure, Suresh Hershe, Ramesh Chu, Manoj Dongre, Jitesh Tenebhere, Priti Ramteke, Su Ita Madavi, Vandana borkar, Lalita cauragade, evening Gajbhiye, Yogesh Chand, the Ombudsman mortgage, Pradeep Meshram, Rajani G were present.

Gaikwad said that during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the situation of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is very bad. This society has again gone back 20 years. The BJP government has imposed a ban on the country and has brought down the country to a recession.

Due to the rising prices of petrol, diesel and LPG cylinders, the prices have dropped down. All the public has been affected by rising inflation. Gaikwad said that the power change needs to change this situation.

Mr. Praful Patel has urged the gathering of all the workers by expanding the social justice department in the district. As well as reaching the last stage of society, they appealed to solve their problems.

Kiran Vaidya, Arju Meshram, Tararam Madame, Kiran Bansod, Order Phule, Praveen Shende, Prashant Badolay, RKJambulkar, Ravindra Meshram, Ashok Dongre, Jeevan Lange, Chandan Gajbhia, Ronak Thakur, Pramod Dongre, Yashwant Sahare, Suresh Uke, Ajay Dongre cooperated.
The work of Indu Mill Memorial is still not in progress

Bhumi Pujan was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the hands of Indu Mill’s memorial. It is now completed for four years. However, the memorial work has not started yet. Gaikwad accused the government of misguiding the society.

Two thousand crore fraud scandal

The scholarship scam of Rs 2,000 crore was exposed in the state’s social justice department. Instead of taking action against the culprits, Jaydev Gaikwad accused the ministers and the government of suppressing the scam. Apart from this, a press conference organized at the Center for the Various Schemes of Social Justice Department has been done by the existing government in the state.

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