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Boycott of student for examination

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Students of Zilla Parishad High School and Junior College, Kavarabandh, after completing the syllabus, boycotted the examination alleging that educational losses occurred and they are giving daily damages to the school premises.

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Saleksa: Students of Zilla Parishad High School and Junior College, Kavarabandh, after completing their syllabus, boycotted the examination alleging the educational losses and are giving daily damages to the school premises. Principal R. N. The students have demanded to remove their faces.

After the 10th, the science section of the maximum student is held. Considering this matter, a science branch was started from ZP in Zilla Parishad High School and Junior College, Kavaraband, for the purpose of opening science branches on self finance subsidy last year. Due to the temptation to impart good education to the students in class 10 pass students were attracted to the admission. This year classes of 11th and 12th were started on a regular basis. Some teachers were appointed on technical basis when there were difficulties in appointing teachers. For the sake of some subjects, the teachers in the secondary division took responsibility for taking the hour. When all is smoothly started, newly-appointed headmaster RN Dohroh has been accused of starting his Manmarija service. Regular teachers were removed from Junior College Science branch and given Elementary Elements of Primary Section. The board examinations of 12th examination have arrived at only three months and they do not have their hours. Therefore, the students of 11th-12th have boycotted the first session examinations. Demand for regular junior lecturers has been sought to be taken in full hour. Also, the request for removal of headmaster and Principal RN Dowry has been given to ZP Education Officer and Sleeksa officials and officials.

Frequency shuffle in the Classes

Former Headmaster Gharde retired at the commencement of the session, and Junior Lecturer RN Dohar was appointed as the Senior Head and the Principal of the High School and Junior College in the service seniority. In the beginning, everything went smoothly as usual. But in a few months the Zilla Parishad ordered them to have regular headmasters. The students have been accused of repeatedly changing the schedule. This type of education is causing educational losses to students.

Regular teachers should take a full hour before the subsidized batch. Similarly, the science branch is on its own financing basis, for which teachers will be appointed on the outside of the hourly system. Regular teachers’ teachers who are teaching at the science branch have been closed. The allegations of the students are wrong.
-RN Dowry, Headmaster, ZP High School, Kanwarandh

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