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For two years, 781 wells are incomplete

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In order to facilitate irrigation, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee, a scheme aimed at constructing 1500 wells of two years for 750 years between 750 years and 2017-18, during the Ahilyadevi irrigation program launched under the Maharashtra Janakalyan Yojana.

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Gondia: In order to facilitate irrigation of farmers, the aim is to create 1500 wells for two years of 750 years between 750 years and 2017-18, under the Ahilyadevi Irrigation Program launched under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Maharashtra Janakalyan Yojana. However, due to the duration of two years, the concerned department has failed to attain this goal. So far only 719 wells have been completed and 871 wells are still incomplete.

Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, 1500 wells should be constructed in two years during the program of Ahilyadevi irrigation wells in the district. Out of these 1471 irrigation wells were given administrative approval. Of these 1195 wells were started. Of these 719 wells were completed. In these two years, the purpose of 250 waterlogged in Amgaon taluka, Arjuni-Morgaon 300, Goregaon 270, Deewari 200, Gondiya 200, Tiroda 160, Salexa 70 and road-Arjuni 50 wells were given.

In the first year of the district, 279 wells were completed in 263, 2017-18 and 2018-19 in 2016-17. 404 wells are in progress. This includes Amagaon 56, Arjuni Morgaon 70, Deewri 30, Gondia 53, Goregaon 110, Salexa and Tiroda at 39, Road-Arjuni 7 wells.

For beneficiaries of Ahilyadevi Irrigation wells, if there is no registration of earlier well on their Satara basin and how much is the signature of Talathi’s signature. Certificate is required. More than one beneficiary can create a joint well. It requires 0.60 cultivation. For this, the government has made three lakh rupees.

136 wells not suitable for boar incomplete

The work of well-prepared wells under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is in progress. Of the 404 out of 136 villages, boar could not be found. The work of 151 wells has gone up to 50 percent. The work of 117 wells was only 25 percent. In the last two years, the works of the wells of Gondia district should be completed. But the work is not completed for two and a half years. Due to the heavy rains in July, August and September, the work of the wells is slow and the officials of the concerned department said.

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