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New City Scan Machine for KTS Hospital

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The KTC hospital has approved a fund of Rs 2.35 crore for the new City Scan Machine, which is approved by the Government Medical Education Department. The government has started the tender process for Hafkin, a government company.

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Gondia: Rs 2.35 crore has been approved by the government’s Medical Education Department for the new City Scan Machine at KTS Hospital here. The government has started the tender process for Hafkin, a government company.

This will soon open the way for new City Scan Machine at KTS Hospital. In the last 8-10 years ago, a City Scanning Machine was set up by MLA Agarwal in KTS hospital.

However, due to lack of proper maintenance of the machine the machine was improper. The machine remained closed for nearly six months because of not paying machine money. This matter was taken by the MLA Agarwal to the state government and the repair of the machine. Also, they decided to install new machines in the hospital.

Accordingly, he had sanctioned a fund of Rs. 65 lakhs for the new machine for Rs. 3 crore. However, due to the absence of the remaining funds, the machine does not get leakage.
In this, MLA Agarwal has sanctioned the remaining amount of Rs 2.35 crore from the government’s Medical Education Department. Due to availability of funds, the government Hafkin company has started bidding process for the machine. So, the way soon after the KTS hospital new City Scan Machine is freed.

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