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Photo of the old women on the Aadhar card of Man

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The mistake made by the system is a curse for the youth and it is being held in the village of Jhanjia, taluka of taluka, due to the benefits of the related youth employment and government schemes.

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Goregaon: The mistake caused by the system is a curse for the youth and it is related to the benefit of youth employment and government schemes, according to which the village is located in Zanzia. This young man has been in the last 7 years to get the wrong correction done. However, he is getting to see only the reasons being told to be rolled out.

It was elaborated that Nilesh Kumar Bopche (32) of village Zanjea had obtained MA-BEED education in Taluka. According to the order of the Indian Government, he created Aadhar card on April 23, 2011. However, on this basis, the name, birth date, address, thumb impression of the Bopke is of the photo, but the photo is being photographed by 60-year-old Fulanbhai Govardhan Chaudhary of the village.

Nilesh Bop’s child is still suffering from this wrong practice from the SET center. Today, Aadhar card is required for every work. It is compulsory to have the Aadhar card in order to avail the benefits of any bank account, ration, job, loan and any scheme of government.

Bopes are highly educated. However, due to mistakes in their Aadhar card, they can not avail the benefits of government schemes. In order to remove the photograph of the woman on the Aadhar card, they have been contacting the Aadhaar Center Helpline number 1947 for the last 7 years. Many times he tried to build a Aadhar card too. However, the photo of the female on the Aadhaar card was not deleted.

In particular, they contacted the Mumbai Helpline Landline Code about the type of information that Boppe had given to the woman about two years ago. However, this number could not be contacted. Therefore, information on e-mail ID was given to the center that created the Aadhaar card.

But they are being spoken without any improvement, but they are being talked about. The wrong curse of the system is being taken by Bopche.As a result, he has registered on October 4 to prepare a new Aadhar card by misrepresenting him. Boppe has demanded that the new Aadhaar card be prepared.

The consequences of falling on a personal life

Bop’s bank account could not be opened due to mistake in Aadhaar card. Apart from this, they can not take advantage of government schemes. That is why they have to work harder. So they are not even married when they are 32 years old. It does not seem to have been used as a MA-B.ED education, and one wrong impression seems to be falling on their personal life.

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