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Government plans to transform society

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The original business of the Charmakar community escaped from the hands and it was done by business like ‘Bata’. The government is implementing welfare schemes in a large way for the shadowy community to come forward from the flow of development.

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Gondia: The original industry of the Charmakar community escaped from the hand and it was done by business like ‘Bata’. The government is implementing a welfare scheme for the development of the skin development of the society. Many schemes are going through the National Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation and Sant Rohidas Textile and Leather Development Corporation of the state. Through these schemes, many have achieved success by doing business, industry and higher education.

Today children of Charmakar Samaj are becoming IAS, IPS. Going abroad. Big businessmen are happening. This positive change is happening in the society. It is the main objective of the scheme to bring about the information and benefits of such schemes through remedial measures for elimination of depression among the people of rural areas and for transforming society. The State’s Social Justice and Special Assistance Minister Rajkumar Badole said.

He was speaking at the employment and information guidance meeting organized by Sant Rohidas Chamomodh and Chamarkkar Vikas Mahamandal in Tijnini Lawn of Arjun Arjuni. This time, chief executive officer of the corporation Rajesh Dhabre, ZP Social Welfare Speaker Vishwajit Dongre, Pt. Chairman Girdhar Hattimare, Arjuna Morgaon Panchayat Chairman Arvind Shivnakar, Youth Entrepreneur Padmaja Rajguru, Divisional Manager Alok Mishra, Pans Upabhaapati Rajesh Kathane, Sharda Badoley, Amar Tandekar, Jitendra Singh Jaganee, ZP Member Shila Chavan, Tejukala Gahane, Ramu Jagannit , Chavan Guruji, Baraiya, Ratan Wasnik, Manohar Choure and Gangadhar Sonav were present.

Mr. Badale said, “We are working on the opening of shops in every taluka to sell the goods of Radkom as they are sold everywhere.” Tender forms are being removed. In the last four years, big job has been done to create jobs by training the youth.

The search for 50 acres of land has been started for setting up a big training center in the district. He appealed to the Center and the state government to take benefit of schemes like 50% grant scheme, seed capital scheme, training scheme, group stall scheme, term loan scheme, microcredit scheme scheme, women’s empowerment scheme, women’s farming scheme and educational loan etc..
Dhabre, in his guidance, is trying to bring the grassroots efforts to the bottom. The trained youth in the district have raised the standard of self-employment in large numbers. It is an example of 13 youths in the recent Arjuni Taluka, self-employed after training.

At this time, the young woman entrepreneur of Mumbai Padmaja Rajguru narrated the journey of his job to become a successful entrepreneur. Alok Mishra guided the selection of employment and self-employment.

On this occasion, successful dignitaries of Charmakar Samaj of the district were felicitated. 50 thousand loan was distributed to 13 beneficiaries. Vijay Bisen, Dr. Laxman Bhagat, Raghunath Lanjewar, Kavita Rangari, Laxmikant Dhanjeay along with senior officials of Leadcom Tushar Kulkarni, Dilip Dotade, Vaibhav Khatavkar, Punewar, Kathwate, Dhage, Pandey and Bhagat were present. If Anil Meshram conducted the program, Grameen District Principal PP Radhakrishnan accepted the thanks.

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