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Road accidents in the street and the drivers of dangerous vehicles

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A case has been registered against the drivers who are carrying vehicles in dangerous condition on the road.

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Gondia: A case has been registered against the drivers who are carrying vehicles in dangerous condition on the road. Santosh Chhota Lal Uke (50), accused in the vehicle of MH 35/3037 on RailToli railway station road. Gondia stood near the Katangi Buddha Vihar. Anil Kumar Jagdish Ambule (29), resident of MH 35 / K-2488 in Kati Girolas were kept standing. Also, Gajendra Ramu Nevare (26) of Auto KMH 35 / K-4296 The markets were kept by the market. Latif Abdul Razzaq Sheikh (31), accused in Auto MH 31 / CV-7674, at a bus station in Chichgad. Chinchgad, Mohsin Aishika Pathan (29) resident of Auto MH 35/2926 Dewari, the driver of Shailesh Umashankar Tiwari (39), Devi, was arrested in front of Devi municipal building in Dehri Nagar, and driving driver MH 35/3444 at Deori bus station, vehicle driver Arvind Bhagwat Brahmankar (27) The accused, Vinod Dulichand Raut (28) Deori, accused of attacking the MLA, MH 35/2601 in front of Radhika Hotel, accused Pradip Hivraj Shande, Metador MH 35/621, at the Salekasa bus station, near Durguttola, MH 36/3227; (28) Ram Murphar, Mukesh Fulechand Lillhare (29) resident of MH 35/4138 in Kavaraband bus stand. Mundipar, before the Gandhi statue of Gondia, first Jitendra Meshram (29) resident of Auto MH35 / AH-0023 Gondia, Yashwantrao Dashrath Nagpure (33), resident of MH 20 / DE-0065 in Kati. Lahitola, Dhanraj Mayaram Chokole (43), a resident of MH 35 / AH-0276 in Kamta Chowk, Amgaon. Sailaksa, Rupesh Lankeshwar Meshram (30), resident of MH 35/3144 at Parswada. Tiroda, Avinash Premlal Bapisatale (40), resident of MH 35/2717 Chandori, Jude Yusuf Qureshi (28), a vehicle of MH 35 / AH-0316, was detained by Lokram Dayam Pardhi (50) R Ghogitola in Vehicle of MH 35/3005 in Ghosetola, Riyaz Baba, accused of vehicle AT 35/1510 at Harodoli bus station. Khan Pathan (40) Goregaon, Bhasare (35), accused of driving a truck MH 35 / G-6374 in Salekasa bus stand. Sailaksa, Jhaendra Hiranan Chute (32) resident of MH 35/3372 in Shenda Chowk road-Arjuni. Bambhani created a barrier in traffic by creating a vehicle in dangerous condition. The complaint has been filed under section 283 of the Indian Penal Code against the accused.

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