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Engine shade school became a dumping yard

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After the Mokshadham area dumping yard was made, the engine sheds in the city now appear to be number one. The garbage in Civil Lines area is being put on the grounds of this school.

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Gondia: Now after the Mokshadham area dumping yard was made, the engine sheds in the city have now been found. The garbage in the Civil Lines area is being thrown at the school grounds. Apart from this, the tank made for the creation of vermicompost is considered to be ornamental. The garbage was lifted on Tuesday (30th) after civilians lifted the sound to get rid of the waste.

The city council has made a tank for manure fertilizer production in the field of field shed by the Municipal Council. However, they do not produce vermilial manure, but they are lying lonely. Instead, bringing the garbage in the bell-cart area to that tank. It is spreading the stomach in the area and the people in it have to suffer.

On this subject, the residents of the area and residents of NCP’s city president Ashok Sahare, corporator Satish Deshmukh, former corporator Kunda Dorothea, Jhalak Singh Bisen, Jayant Kachwah, Manohar Thakur and Bala Shahare were injured in the same school.

At this time, a garbled lady was seen there while garbage.
Citizens asked the corporator Deshmukh to take the picture off the picture. After attending contact with the municipal council, the attendees were lifted.

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