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Breeding movement of cookie women for nine days

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The Maharashtra State Zilla Parishad, the Municipal Council, and the autonomous women’s organization of the Metropolitan School took a protest against the Zilla Parishad after taking various demands. The Sadar Dhana movement has been going on in front of Zilla Parishad since last nine days.

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Gondia: With the demands of various demands, the Maharashtra State Zilla Parishad, Municipal Council, and the Women’s Association of Municipal Corporations organized a protest rally on Zilla Parishad. The Sadar Dhana movement has been going on in front of Zilla Parishad since last nine days.

The women in the district are involved in this movement. The agitation is going on from 22 October and will continue until November 3. On Tuesday (30th) of the agitation is the ninth day.
Cookers who work on school work, along with school nutrition, have to work only on a thousand rupees. It does not get honorable 5-5 months.

Therefore, there is a shift in the livelihood of the laborers who prepare food for the students. Therefore, after taking a rally in Zilla Parishad, he has started a protest movement from last nine days. Women should get monthly salary of 12 months instead of 10 months, darrow should be given as 200 rupees, minimum wages should be applied under minimum wages, permanent women should be made permanent The government should appoint the women of self-employed, a place If the number of students decreased, the movement of the lady’s lady should be shifted to the second school.

District President Chanda Dhama, Executive President Manoj Damaha, Shivnath Khurle, Pramila Raut, Pratibha Badge, Sunita Prabhagade, Deka Naresh Bahekar, Geeta Sonane, Bhojram Raising, Sarita Uke, led the movement. As long as all our demands are not fulfilled, the women of the women have decided to continue the movement. Meanwhile, the administration has not taken any action against the women since the 9th day. So the agitators are spreading anger.

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