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Get in of school and get 1 thousand

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The government is trying to brighten up children’s future, bringing child labor to the main stream of education and brightening their futures. A campaign to find out-of-school children has been implemented so that every child should not be deprived of education.

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Gondia: The government is trying to brighten the child-welfare-oriented children into the main stream of education and brighten their future. A campaign to find out-of-school children was not implemented so that every child should not be deprived of education. Children in the district are in the drop box, so the possibility of children being out of school can not be ruled out. So, Gondia Zilla Parishad has started showing an out-of-school child and getting Rs 1,000 prize for finding those children.

Every citizen should not be deprived of education, and the government has made it mandatory for the students not to remain outside of the RTE Act due to quality education. The responsibility of each supervisory system in local authority is to find out-of-school children. When Zilla Parishad’s Education Department asked for information about out-of-school children for schools, that list is shown zero. But the possibility of being different is not possible. For this purpose, show off-school child and get a reward of Rs.1000. This program has been started by District Education Department.

The amount of this award will be given through the pocket of the concerned school head. It has been suggested to send information to the unrecognized children till November 1, 2018 or to inform the children who have been absent for 30 days by the school education officer.

Attempts are being made to bring the children of Demand-Garudi, Blacksmith, Rotary Nath Jogi, to main stream in Kudva, Railway Station, Kachevani, Mandikota, Saundh in the district.

Drop number of drop boxes to zero

Zilla Parishad took a 197 children’s workshop to bring the children out of the main stream of education and provide quality education to them. The students who were studying in the district last year were expected to go to the next year in the second year. But thousands of students in the district were thrown in the drop box because they did not go to the next class. Are such students entered the school outside the state? Did you go to another school? Do private schools have access? The number of drop-boxes will be reduced to zero by giving in-depth information that they do not go to school.

Plane to be displayed in the school’s direction

In order to explore out-of-school children, the schools have been instructed to issue ‘Planned Parents’ to show ‘Out of School Existence Rs.1000’ in front of the faces of every school in the district.

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