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Action on 400 drivers of two wheeler in eight days

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In order to prevent the rising accidents, the District Police Department has implemented Helmet compulsory from October 22 in the city. Penalties are being taken against two-wheelers who do not use helmets.

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Gondia: District Police Department has applied helmet compulsory from October 22 to prevent the increasing accidents. Penalties are being taken against two-wheelers who do not use helmets.

Under this campaign, the city traffic control department has taken action against 400 drivers and imposed a penalty of Rs 2 lakh. Meanwhile, this operation has created an uproar among the drivers. Hundreds of two-wheelers die in an accident every year in the district. Due to the death of an accident in the accident, the death of many people is serious due to severe head injury.
In order to reduce incidents of accidental deaths, District Superintendent of Police Harish Baijal has decided to introduce helmet compulsory for two-wheeler drivers in the first phase. Under this, helmet mobilization campaign has been started in the city from 22 October.

Between October 22 and 31, the City Traffic Control Department has taken action against 400 drivers not using helmets and recovered fine of two lakh rupees.
Meanwhile, due to the police department’s action, there is a rush of crowds for the purchase of helmets for drivers. Specially, some helmet vendors of this campaign have also benefited from the sale of roadside shops and selling helmets. But there is a question mark about the quality of these helmets. It needs a vigilance department to pay attention and take action.

The helper’s readiness was lost due to the teacher’s prana

Due to Gondia’s Ekodi, Dilip Dhruve and Harichandra Darade both hit the two-wheeler with a two-wheeler. They had to beat their feet. However, he did not get any injury due to wearing helmets. So helmets fortunately they survived safely in this accident. Meanwhile, he thanked the Superintendent of Police, Badgeal for saving his life due to Helmet’s compulsion.

Traffic Continued

There is a growing crowd of customers for the shopping of Diwali in the city market. That is why there is a huge traffic hazard in the city. However, the staff of the City Traffic Control Department is busy in helmets compulsory campaign and has neglected traffic congestion in the city. So this needs attention.

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