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Intercepted inter-state gang of dacoits

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On November 25, at Bhojraj Devlal Patley (50) of Jangilitola Ghattemani in Aamgaon taluka of Thane district on October 25, he was arrested by the local crime branch police on November 2, while four members of the inter-state gang carrying 4 lakh 2 thousand goods were arrested.

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Gondia: Four members of the inter-state interlocutor group who were abducting 4 lakh 2 thousand rupees by robbing robbery at the house of Bhojraj Devlal Patley (50) of Jangilitola Ghattemani in Amgaon taluk, at 11 o’clock on October 25, were arrested by local crime branch police on November 2. After giving their opinion, they confessed to the crime.

Four lakhs were robbed during the night between 25 and 26 October, showing Bhojraj Devlal Patte (50) of Janglitoola Ghattemani and his family in front of Deshkta and Sword. They were honored with the help of Deshkatta and Sworda, jewelery on Bhojraj’s wife, jewelery on their tune and jewelery worth Rs. 3 lakh 50 thousand 200 rupees, 15 thousand cash, 30 thousand rupees worth of motorbike, 7 thousand rupees mobile and other material, 4 lakh 2 thousand The goods of 500 rupees were scattered. Amgaon police had registered a case under section 542, 392, 397, 504, 34 of the Indian Penal Code. The case was taken in secret by the local crime branch police and the accused found that it was a partner of the accused criminal Churnilal Borkar on the record of Sakoli police in Bhandara district. .

Sanjay Shankar Gorele, 35, of the local crime branch, Babupeth, Emperor Ashok Chowk and Chandrapur were arrested from Chandrapur. Chunni Lal Tulsiram Borkar (60) Sakoli district Bhandara, Anil Chunnilal Borkar (34) Shivaji Wad Sakoli from Sakoli, Kapil Sayyed Ali (28) Sironj district Vidisha was arrested from Bhopal. In this case, action has been taken to seize stolen materials and used weapons.

Under the guidance of the Superintendent of Police, Harish Baijal, the Inspector Dinkar Solarre, Assistant Police Inspector Ramesh Garage, Prad Bazalee, Employees Tulsidas Lute, Gopal Kangte, Rajkumar Pache, Vinay Shende, Madhukar Saber, Sukhdev Raut, Rajesh Bade, Navalal Bhelave, Vijay Rahangdale, Ajay Rahangdale, Bhuvanlal Deshmukh, Ajay Rahangdale, Rakhlal Gautam, Bhoomhewar Jangade, Dikshitkumar Damah, Prabhakar Paland Rucker and Mr. Dhananjay Shende, Sanjay maharavade, Shende Mohan, Vinod baraiyya, women police personnel Sujata Bawadano, driving MURALIDHARA Pandey, Pankaj kharavade, Vinod Gautam.

Dock in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

The accused arrested in Chandrapur, Bhandara, Gadchiroli, Gondiya and Balaghat of Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal. They are sued for crimes like murder, robbery, theft, gambling, burglary etc.

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