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Consumers crowd for buying gold in Dhanteras in Gondia District

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It is considered auspicious to buy gold in Dhanteras. So, on Monday (5th July), customers had made a big crowd at the bullion shop in the city to buy gold.

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Gondiya: It is considered auspicious to buy gold for Dhanteras. So, on Monday (5th July), the customers had made a big crowd at the bullion shop in the city. The businessman also had a decent picture of selling gold and silver worth crores rupees on the day of his death.

In the city, there is a bullion line in Gorelal Chowk and Durga Chowk. Considering the demand of gold silver in the memory of Dhanteras, the businessmen made silver jewelery available for sale. During Diwali, there is a huge demand for gold and silver products. In addition, buying gold for Dhanteras is considered auspicious. Therefore, customer insights are available to buy gold from year-to-year savings. At 12 o’clock on Monday, customers were seen to be getting crowded in the bullion line for the purchase of gold. Later in the evening, there was an increase in the crowd of customers. According to information given by the trader, gold has been selling gold worth Rs. 5 to 6 crores a day.

The market densely popped

There is a large crowd of customers in the city market to buy various items for the Diwali festival. In the market, there was a suspicion in the market for the last two days. On the day of ‘Daftadashi’ customers came to the market to buy gold, clothes and other items. Due to the crowds of customers, there was no traffic congestion in Gorelal Chowk area.

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